Most fun types of games

There are so many different games out there today that you can’t really choose one. Most of the gamers today play more than one game at the time, but I’m here to talk about most fun types of games there are today, for me eat least.

City building games

Now, you probably played Sims before and you know what I mean with this. I like to play some sort of strategy games, but games like Sims. There are a few good examples: Village life on Facebook or The Tribez (I just found these cool the tribez cheats that you should check out if you play to play this game). These are my favorites.

In these games, you have your city, in these two games that’s a village, and you grow it and expand it as you play. This may seem easy, but it is not. You need to make sure that everything is working properly. You need to take care of you villagers – they need to be happy, have lots of food and they need to have fun in order to work for you and without their work, you can’t really progress in the game. There are lots of factors in these types of games and that is the main reason why I love these games. You progress, you upgrade, you build something new, you take care of the people that are working for you and then you are rewarded when they are happy, when you can build them new things.

These types of games are most popular with casual gamers as there is no competitive mode for this, but in most games you can visit each other and get some special rewards for that (you can do that in Farmville). Another cool thing that I love about these games is that they are on Facebook and you can always ask a friend to send you some resources to help you out and I think that is very cool.

You may not like these types of games but they do offer a lot of fun and are easy to play with some challenges to keep the game interesting and not too easy for us that really enjoy them. These games are also great because they are mostly free and you can play them on your computer and/or mobile phones or tablets which is great when you are going to sleep, just swipe here and there and you are done with the game. Here is a video of a list with great city builder games that you might like, enjoy!