Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time Review

Doctor Who and his TARDIS seem to be showing up everywhere all of the sudden. The new season just wrapped up recently, an adventure game series was released on Mac and PC, more video games were announced for Wii and the Nintendo DS, and a Doctor Who themed game was just released for the Apple iPod/iTouch.
The Technology

Playing the game on the 2nd Generation iPod is a pleasurable enough experience. I had no trouble with lag or the infamous sudden crash that certain games designed with the latest technology in mind tend to suffer. However, the graphics look much better when played on the 4th Generation iPod. On the 2nd Gen iPod, squares that only Amy can step over (rationalized because she weighs less than The Doctor) look like dark shadowy blocks. On the 4th Gen, however, they are finely detailed panels complete with cracks to show how brittle they are.

The sound leaves something to be desired. The incidental background music sounds like something from the Lost TV show. Of course, it works for the kind of mysterious environment the developers were trying to create. As disappointed as I was in the music, I loved the voices. I could listen to the Cybermen shout “Delete! Delete!” as they chase me around the room all day!

The touch controls are fairly accurate. You can touch any part of the screen you want and the controls will center themselves on your touch. However, The Doctor has a tendency to take another step or two after you remove your finger from the screen. On more than one occasion, that might me you have to replay a room as The Doctor has just run off a moving platform into a pool of lava.

The Gameplay

Your task in this game is to rescue a family that has been scattered across time and space. You visit three different locations. First, you face off against the classic Doctor Who villains called the Cybermen. If you can outwit these robots, you’ll soon find yourself trying to get past the Silurians. For those of you who follow the show, the Silurians were featured in a two-episode storyline this past season. One you beat the Silurians, you go head to head against the fan favorites known as the Daleks!

You will not be disappointed with the length of this game. After playing for a few hours, I found myself only a third of the way through the game.

Billed as a puzzle game, you push blocks around and flip switches to try to progress from one room to the next. To be honest, the game is not excessively challenging. I would have liked to see a bit more complexity here. Still, the characters are portrayed spot on, so any fan of the show would do well to try this one out!

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